Monday, 16 December 2013

Rosette headband

My old art teacher taught me how to make this rosette. She used this project to teach me how to sew. However my sewing skills are still really poor, I keep losing patience with it! If you are not keen on sewing like me, use glue instead. It’s so much easier! 

If I made the rosette again I think I will make it a little smaller next time!

 I got bored while I was waiting for Affie to wake up from her nap so I decided to doodle on one of her old baby grows. It turned out better than what I expected it to! I added some old buttons I had lying around to jazz it up a bit, not practical for a baby who loves tummy time. Affie isn’t keen on tummy time and prefers to sit up. Baby clothing can be quite pricey but you can buy plain white clothing at much cheaper prices and decorate to how you like! I sewed buttons on but I know these can be a choking hazard if they came loose. The onesie was only used once for the photos. The onesie is a little small for her (I couldn't button it at the crotch!)

To make this you will need:
Scraps of material (in two colours)
One decorative button
Hair clip
Pair of tights


Pair of tights

  • Cut 6 circles from your material in three sets. I cut 6 large circles from the black material, 6 medium sized circles from the white material and 6 small circles from the white material. These circles do not need to be cut neat (as you can tell from my photo!) 
6 x three different sizes of material cut into circles

  • Taking one of your circles, fold it in half (as pictured), then fold it again (but this time fold it past the half way mark), and fold it back on itself. You should aim to make a ‘z’ shape. I then stitched the triangular shaped material down but its much easier to glue (much quicker too!) Repeat for all the bits of material.

2 Fold in half
3 Fold again
4 Fold back on itself
5 Stitch (glue) in place
  • Start arranging the pieces on top of each other and glue down. If the edges don’t fit to your liking then you can always trim the edges a little. 
Arrange and stick in place

Trim edges (if you want)
  • To create the ribbon cut a strip of the ribbon material and make two loops and glue in the middle. Cut another three smaller strips, cut a ‘v’ out in the ends of two of the strips. With the longer strip, wrap around the middle of the ribbon with two loops and glue in place. Glue the two shorter ribbon strips to the middle of the ribbon as pictured.





  • Glue the piece of lace along the edge of the rosette and the ribbon into the centre of the rosette, glue the button on the middle of the ribbon. Using the felt cut out a circle big enough to cover the messy edges of the lace on the back of the rosette and glue in place.

  • Glue a hair clip to the back of the rosette and cover any messy bits by gluing another piece of felt over the metal.

To make the headband:

  • Taking the pair of tights cut the toes off one end of the tights and cut just below the crotch (measure to make sure it fits the childs head).

  • Stitch together the two ends, this does not need to be neat as it will be hidden.

  • Wrap a bit of ribbon around the area you just stitched together and glue in place.

  • Then just clip the rosette into place and you have finished!

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