Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Presents


Christmas is fast approaching! Normally I don’t get that excited about Christmas. But this year I started getting excited in October. If the previous version of myself could visit me now I think the previous version would slap me several times across the face.

With the arrival of Affie our purse strings have been stretched a little, so I have been scouring the internet for different gift ideas without having to spend lots of cash. The most obvious thing to do was to use Affie to make some presents. For Grandparents we have made some footprint cups. (It is safe to post this information as both sets of grandparents do not know how to use the internet!) I have taught my mum several times on how to switch on the computer and to use hotmail along with searching for different websites but she has remembered nothing. She can switch on the computer but that’s about it.

The cups!

Butterfly feet for the Grandmas and messy footprints for the Grandads

It took several attempts but we finally got there. Affie was happy to play along to begin with but 5 minutes in she decided that she was fed up. I don’t blame her as I can imagine she felt a bit cold stepping onto a paint covered sponge and then having a cold cup pressed against her foot. I haven’t worked out how to do hand prints yet. She keeps clenching her fist; the result was a paint smudge across the cup.

In hindsight I would’ve like to put more different coloured footprints across the granddad cups, but I was pretty sure that Affie had had enough at that point. Maybe we can try handprints for birthdays in the future! When we painted the cups the colours were quite muted and looked more pastel-ly. But once the cups were fired the colours have turned out really bold....and the butterfly bodies look a little bit like Mr Hankey.

Mr Hankey

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