Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Beaded 'loopy' bracelet

Hello, another bracelet tutorial for you! This one is another wide cuff style bracelet like the previous tutorial but I think this one looks a bit more fancy and dainty in comparison. This tutorial is also much easier (I lost count of the number of times I tried joining the strands in the wide cuff bracelet tutorial, don't get me started on how long it took to draw up the tutorial on it!!) Hopefully the diagrams/photos are all clear. Having had another read through of the descriptions for this tutorial, it might actually be easier to just follow the diagrams rather than read it! I will leave the wording up anyway...just in case some people do want to read it.

You will need:
Fishing wire 
530 X 2mm blue beads 
60 X 4mm bicone beads in three colours (I chose white, blue and purple)
2 X metal loops
Metal clasp
Tweezers (to help thread the wire through fiddly beads)

Step 1: Cut some fishing wire, roughly about a 1.5m long. Thread three 4mm bicone beads on, make sure that the beads are positioned in the middle of the wire. (I randomly selected the different coloured beads, but you can be a bit more methodical and thread beads on in a certain order that you are happy with!) Then thread both ends of the thread through another 4mm bicone bead (as indicated on the diagram).

Step 2: Thread 15 small beads onto each strand of fishing wire, then thread both ends of the wire through a 4mm bicone bead.

Step 3: Then repeat steps 1 & 2 until you reach a length you are happy with. The bracelet I made has five segments of small blue beads (which turns out to be quite small ………. but I used some extra metal loops at the end so the length can be adjusted!)

Step 4: Once you have reached the desired length for your bracelet, position the wire so that they poke out either side of the bottom 4mm bicone bead (as indicated in the diagram).

Step 5: Thread 15 small beads on either end of wire, then thread both ends through a 4mm bicone bead and thread one end of the wire to the existing ‘loop’ of 4mm bicone beads you have created previously.

Step 6: Then add two more 4mm bicone beads as indicated in the diagram.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 and continue until you reach the end.

Step 8: When you reach the end thread the ends of wire so that they are positioned on either side of the bottom bicone bead (like in the diagram), and add three bicone beads.

Step 9: Continue threading beads like in steps 5 & 6 until you reach the end. Once you have completed the main band of the bracelet, thread the wire through the beads until they are positioned next to each other so you can tie a knot. Then continue threading the wire through some of the beads (I like to do this so it feels more secure, I get paranoid in case the knot becomes unravelled). Once you are happy that it feels secure enough, cut the ends.

Step 10: Cut two more pieces of fishing wire (two 50cm pieces should be enough). Thread one end through one of the bicone beads on the end of the bracelet, then add 20 small beads and the wire through the same bicone bead. Thread the wire so you can tie a knot, then repeat the process as indicated on the diagram.

Step 11: Taking your pliers, take one of the metal loops and loop it through the two end beaded loops. Do the same on the other end, add a metal clasp and you have finished!

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