Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Adding bling to an old hair band

I always have lots of beads left over from my beading projects. So this is a little tutorial (a quick and easy one!) using the spare beads I have lying around.

You will need:
A hair band
A selection of beads
Some embroidery thread

Step 1: Cut a piece of thread, roughly a metre long.

Step 2: Tie one end of the thread to the hair band and wrap it around a few times.

Step 3: Thread a bead onto the embroidery thread and wrap the thread around the hair band once or twice (depending on how secure you would like it to be).

Step 4: Continue threading beads. After you add a bead wrap the thread around the hair band afterwards. Continue wrapping and adding beads. (I aimed to cover the piece of metal on the hair band).

Step 5: Once you are happy with the arrangement of beads loop the thread around one of the beads and tie a knot.

You have finished!

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