Friday, 28 March 2014

Upcycling - Jewellery box

We moved into our new house last summer and the previous owner of the property left a few things behind. Most of the stuff was outdated old junk, and we took most of it to the local dump. There were a few kids’ things that I ended up keeping, one of which was an old jewellery box. I had been thinking of buying a jewellery box for Affie (she has been given lots of jewellery already from friends and relatives). So I thought I would use this as an opportunity to have a go at upcycling (inspired by Kirstie Allsop’s programme).

The old jewellery box
The 'upcycled' jewellery box
I started off by using plastikote in flat white. It covered the majority of the box but it was pretty thin, so I used the Wilkinson’s own brand (in satin white) which worked out so much better! I used some left over lace to get the pattern on the edge of the drawers. 

It didn’t turn out as crisp as what I would have liked but it’s still ok. I also used Plastikote in Sky blue. Not too bad for a first attempt at upcycling I suppose…

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