Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beaded flower brooch

It is now officially spring time! Who doesn't like a nice flower at spring time? This is a tutorial on how to make a flower brooch out of beads.

For this you will need:
Fishing wire
3mm White beads X 245 (I used Swarovski white AB beads-which I bought from ebay)
3mm Coloured beads X 185 
Metal brooch back
A decorative button 
Some strong glue (I used UHU glue)

(I used 4mm sized beads because I didn't have enough 3mm beads for this)

I will keep words to a minimum for this tutorial as I think the diagrams are quite easy to follow (I hope this is the case anyway).

Repeat the previous steps until you have 5 petals.

Once you have 5 petals you will need to link them up...
The blue arrow lines indicate the beads you need to thread through to attach the petals to the metal brooch backing.

Once you have attached the petals to the metal backing glue the button to the centre. I'm sure there is a way of making a nice, neat centre using beads but I couldn't find a way of creating one. It just looked like such a mess, so its much easier to glue something to cover the mess!

The beads I used for this were probably a little on the large side. So the brooch ended up massive, I have decided to use it as a bag charm instead. (Use 3mm size beads for a more 'brooch' sized brooch!)


  1. that's so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  2. Wonderful flower!!!Thanks for a tutorial!

    1. Thanks Anastasia, I will be having a go at your paper flower tutorial soon!