Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kawaii Kitchen!

Hello everyone hope you are all having a lovely week.

I have spent the past few days looking for things that we need for our tiny kitchen. As usual I have found a list of things that I would love to own but also things we really do not need.

Here are three items on my list:

This is Pan Pocket, a sandwich pouch making kit. All you need to do is warm the bread in a microwave, fold a slice of bread in half, press the cutter into the bread and hold for 5-8 mins, and then put the filling into the pouch. Sounds good no? But having warmed many a sandwich in the microwave I know the bread gets pretty soggy (especially if you whack it in for too long), then, if you leave the sandwich (to cool down for example) the bread starts to harden. Not tasty. So I guess this item would be nice only if you devour the sarnies as soon as they are made.

Pan Pocket:
Continuing with the sandwich theme... Rabbit/Flower/Bear Sandwich and Bento Food Cutter. These look very cute. But as I only work part time I don't really need to take a packed lunch to work. I do however make my husband a packed lunch to take to work. His response to taking a box of cute shaped sandwiches to work: "No bloody way, can't be seen with cute sandwiches".

Sandwich cutters:

Pikachu Cake Mould!

Cake mould:
Think we just need to buy cups and plates for now. The gimmicky things may have to wait until we have more money :-(

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