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Diamond shaped beaded ring tutorial

Ring tutorial number 5! I don’t normally wear many rings anymore but I am obsessed with making them. I have lost loads over the years. I always take off my rings before washing my hands and then forget to pick them up again

So it is always nice to have a big selection of cheap rings (I cannot be trusted to own expensive rings anymore). 

For this tutorial I tried out two different style ring bands. Personally I think the style used for the red ring fits in better with the front detail. 

Diamond shaped beaded rings

Different ring band styles
The materials listed below makes a 17mm (approx) diameter ring. If you want to make a bigger/smaller ring you will just need to adjust the numbers of 2mm red and white beads. (Of course you can use any coloured beads you like!)

To make this ring you will need:

Tweezers (not pictured-but may be needed when threading through the smaller beads as it can be quite fiddly!)
Fishing wire (x 1m)
2mm White beads (x 32)
2mm Red beads (x 22)
4mm White bicone bead (x 1)
4mm Orange bicone beads (x 4)

You will need... shocking photoshop skills used for the red bead :-S
Steps 1, 2 & 3:
Step 1:

Take your fishing wire and thread two 4mm orange bicone beads and one 2mm white bead (as indicated on the diagram). Let the beads fall to the middle of the fishing wire, making sure you have equal lengths of fishing wire on either side of the beads. Then thread both ends through the 4mm white bicone bead. (You will then have a 'loop' of 4 beads).

Step 2:

Add two more of the 4mm orange bicone beads, one on each end of the fishing wire. Finish this 'loop' by threading both ends of the fishing wire through one 2mm white bead.

Step 3:

Thread both ends of the fishing wire back through the 4mm orange bicone beads to put the fishing wire back to the middle of the piece.

Step 4:

Thread four 2mm red beads onto both ends of the fishing wire and secure by looping the fishing wire back through the first red bead you threaded on. Then thread through the 4mm orange bicone bead and white 2mm white bead. 

Step 5:

Now you can start making the ring band. To make this ring band start by threading a bead on either end of the fishing wire, then thread both ends through one 2mm red bead. 

Step 6:

Continue this until you reach the desired length for the ring band. Tie a knot and continue threading the wire through the ring to make it a bit more rigid and sturdy. Then cut the lengths and then you have finished!

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Which ring band do you prefer?

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