Monday, 5 March 2012

Flower Bead Ring

Hello. Here is another tutorial on how to make a ring out of beads (again... will put up posts to make other things in the future!)

Flower bead ring

To make this you will need:

8 pink 4mm beads
18 blue 2mm beads
56 white 2mm beads
About 1.5m Fishing line

Start by making the centre of the flower detail (a loop of four 2mm beads).

I would continue explaining how to make the ring but I think the diagram does a pretty good job of explaining. 

How to make a flower bead ring

If you want to make a bigger sized ring you will need more blue and white 2mm beads. The list of things needed to make this ring is for a ring size L. A size chart can be found here:

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