Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bead and wire ring tutorial

How to make....

You will need:

You will need...

50cm of 0.4mm thick wire
60cm of 0.6mm thick wire
A selection of beads (in a range of sizes)
A ring mandrel

1) Take a ring that fits you well (preferably one with a bit of space). Let it drop onto the ring mandrel and mark it with a pencil, this will be a guideline for your ring.

Mark the ring mandrel to use as a guide
2) Taking the 0.6mm wire, wrap it around the ring mandrel several times to create a ring. Once you have made the basic ring shape take one end of the wire and wrap it tightly around the wire ring four times, repeat this with the other end around a third way round the ring band. Cut the ends close to the band and using the pliers press the end into the band making sure any sharp edges are tucked in.

Wrap 0.6mm wire around the ring mandrel at pencil mark
Secure it by wrapping the ends around the ring band
3) Taking the 0.4mm, wrap one end at one of the ‘knots’ made on the ring band. 

Wrap one end of the 0.4mm wire at one of the 'knots'
4) Once you have done this, thread one bead onto the wire then wrap the wire around the band once. Take another bead, then wrap the wire around the band again, repeat this until you reach the other ‘knot’.

Thread beads onto the wire and then wrap the wire around the ring band
Continue adding beads
5) Once you are happy with the arrangement of the beads, finish up by wrapping the end of the 0.4mm wire at one of the ‘knots’. Again taking the pliers, tuck any sharp edges of the wire into the ring band.


Purple beads

Blue beads

Pink beads


  1. My kind of rings. Very good tutorial.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! Love your wire ring with beads....something that I have to try! I pinned your tutorial for future reference, I'm your follower via GFC and Google+. I invite you to visit my blog there you will find a little of everything, thanks for the inspiration you give us with your creations, I love them.
    Marisa from

  3. Hi Marisa, thank you for the follow! I have seen a few things on your blog that I would love to have a go at making in the future. I would also love to see a photo of your version of the wire ring with beads! :-)

  4. Beautiful Rings! Can't wait to try this.