Sunday, 1 June 2014

Simple bead weaving tutorial

I haven’t done any bead weaving for a while, so I thought it would be nice to try something simple just to get into the swing of things again. This is a tutorial on how to make a ring with a flower detail and like the title says, it is nice and easy!

You will need:
Tweezers (useful when threading through the smaller beads as it can be quite fiddly!)
Fishing wire (x 1m)
1mm White beads (x 54)
1mm Blue beads (x 8)
4mm Pink bicone bead (x 1)
4mm Blue bicone beads (x 6)

(Use more or less 1mm beads if you want to make a larger or smaller ring, the amount used for this tutorial makes a UK size M)

Step 1: Thread 5 4mm coloured bicone beads onto the fishing wire, move the beads so they fall to the middle of the piece of fishing wire. Then thread both ends of the fishing wire through a pink 4mm bicone bead.

Step 2: Then thread both ends of the fishing wire through the beads you threaded previously, as marked in the diagram. (The wire should go through two coloured bicone beads on both sides). Then thread the wire through another coloured bicone bead.

Thread three 1mm beads on one end of the fishing wire, repeat for the other piece of wire. Then thread both ends through a blue 1mm bead.

Step 3: Repeat the threading of 1mm beads until you have reached the desired length. Then thread both ends of wire through the 4mm blue bicone bead to make the ring shape. Thread the wire through the existing beads until both ends of wire are next to each other so you can tie a knot. 

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