Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bead ring tutorial! (chunky front detail style)

Another ring tutorial! This is number 6.

How to make this
I mentioned in the previous ring tutorial that I cannot own expensive rings but to make up for that I own lots of cheap(ish) rings. Recently I came across a big blingy looking ring that I really liked the look of from Folli Follie. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey and way out of my budget, so, instead of scraping my pennies together I had a go at making my own cheap version!
I want this!:

Ok it’s not exactly the same but it has a thicker front detail (which was the main inspiration for this piece).

My version! Ok its nothing like the Folli Follie ring but it will do for now...

The materials listed below make a UK size L ring. If you would like to make a smaller or larger ring all you need to do is adjust the number of 2mm plastic beads. But again use any colours you want. I originally wanted to make a blue ring (similar to the Folli Follie ring, but unfortunately I ran out of blue beads). Apologies if the description is a bit wordy, I re-read some of it and it sounds a bit confusing... People may find following the diagrams a bit easier.

To make this ring you will need:
Roughly 1m of fishing wire
2mm White beads (I used ones with a blue centre) X 63
4mm Purple bicone beads X15

You will need...
Ok now for the instructions and diagrams:

Step 1:

Thread five beads onto the fishing wire (one 2mm white bead followed by a 4mm purple bead and so on). Make sure the beads fall to the middle of the fishing wire, making sure that the lengths on either side of the beads are of equal lengths. Finish the 'loop' but threading both ends through a 2mm white bead.

Step 2:

Then five more beads on both ends of the fishing wire. Make sure you start by threading a white bead first then the purple and so on.

Step 3:

Thread 5 beads onto one length of the fishing wire, finish this by threading the wire through one purple bead (from the previous 'loop'), white bead, and a purple and white bead you have just threaded on. With the other wire thread one 2mm white bead on and then through the purple bead (from the 'loop' you made on the other length), then add one white bead, one purple bead and finish with a white bead. Finish this by threading the fishing wire through the loop of beads you have just made (as indicated on the diagram).

Step 4:

Thread five beads onto one length of the fishing wire (starting with a white bead followed by a purple bead and so on). Finish this length by threading the wire through a purple and white bead from the previous loop. Repeat this with the other length. To finish this step off thread both ends of the fishing wire through one 2mm white bead and through a purple bead on either side of the white bead bead.

Step 6:

Add one 2mm white bead to both lengths of the fishing wire. Finish this step off by threading both ends through a 4mm purple bead.

Step 7:

Now to make the band of the ring. Add three 2mm white beads to both ends of the fishing wire and finish the loop by threading both ends of the wire through one 2mm white bead. Continue this until you have reaching the desired size for your ring. Once you have reached the desired size thread both ends through the purple bead on the other end of the front detail. 

Thread the wire through the beads (in any order you like) until both ends meet and you can tie a knot. Ta-da you have finished! Continue threading the wire through the ring to make it more rigid (you don't need to do this but I prefer to do this just to make it more sturdy).


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