Monday, 13 February 2012


My aunty made these cupcakes, and not only do they look lovely they taste awesome!

A box of Bailey's cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake and a Bailey's cupcake

After receiving these I think I may have a go at making some myself...

I recently got a recipe off a friend on how to make ‘After Eight’ cupcakes and I will be giving it a go in the near future. I have a habit of either over cooking or under cooking cakes so I think it will take a few attempts before I get it right. I tend to have less patience for making foods as I find that it takes fricken ages to prepare/cook it but only seconds to devour it. So really it doesn't need to look absolutely fantastic does it? However from past experience (I have been known to bake a few horrors in the past) people tend not to even want to try my cakes... So I will put more effort in with my next attempt!

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